A Facebook Intervention

I think this one might come out a little harsh, so I threw in some humorous (I hope) sarcasm to soften the blow. Let’s call it constructive feedback, maybe even an intervention.

To be honest, I know that writing this won’t change things, not even one tiny bit. It does help me express my frustration, as silly as it is to be annoyed by such things.

Specifically, I’m thinking of my Facebook news feed, and I think it’s time, in this modern society, that we stop and think before we click, share, and post:

Like Me, Share Me, Or Die-

One will not die a painful death, or be haunted, or go to hell if one doesn’t “Like and Share” all of the posts that tell one to do so. Also, one will not become wealthy by sharing a picture of money.


Who even creates these things? Why on earth do we encourage and promote them?

Remember those ridiculous chain letters and emails? This is worse. My news feed is crowded with them. My opinion of your sanity and mental stability plummets each time I see a previously intelligent friend support this madness.

It makes me unique-

The “I’m that girl” posts. Example:


Yes, yes you are. Only you. I mean, only you and the other 3,567,852 girls who liked/shared that post.

Again with the selfies?

Gobs of them. Sickening amounts of them. Please don’t get me wrong, I love to see pictures of my friends loving life and living adventures. Please don’t stop posting the occasional updated picture of yourself, because I need to be able to recognize you in case I run into you somewhere. There are no examples in this one, I’ll just be descriptive and hope for the best.

Let’s break it down into a few categories:

a.) The “look at God’s beautiful creation” selfies- Are you are talking about the view that I can’t see because your face is in the way? Or maybe you are talking about yourself, and I’m sure you’re very pretty too, but it seems like an odd thing to point out.

b.) Tons of  “just because/feeling pretty” selfies- Again, yes you are very pretty, maybe even beautiful. Obviously, you also need people to tell you this over and over again.

c.) The “look at my adorable children” selfies- Oh yeah, there they are. Yep, there are definitely kids in the back seat, but your face is filling up three quarters of the picture. You and your children are looking spiffy today.

And finally, people who share before fact checking-

Of course as I write this I’m unable to locate the example that come to mind, but I can paint the picture for you:

This particular picture was posted, liked, and shared by several of my friends and acquaintances on Labor Day weekend: A heart-wrenching picture of the inside of a cargo plane. The plane was filled with coffins which were draped in U.S. flags. It said something like “In case you thought it was about having a three day weekend”.

I didn’t think I would ever have to explain the difference between Labor Day and Memorial Day to an adult.

In conclusion,

Of course, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they were Facebooking with a child in their lap, or the cat walked across the keyboard. Maybe they were hacked by a 13 year old cybercriminal.

I’ll never know, but now you know my opinion, and don’t worry, I don’t require you to agree.


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