The Great Debate

No,  I’m not here to argue whether or not God exists.  I know he does. Today,  I’m here to make us think a little. Specifically about Christian Vs.  Non-Christian debates on social media. I recently read a story about how the Great Ark Encounter (a full scale model of Noah’s Ark) has installed permanent rainbow… Continue reading The Great Debate


We Are Family

Families, we love them, right? You might have seen extremely large families, and/or extremely strange and dysfunctional ones on TV and maybe someday I’ll blog about my opinion of them, but not today. Today, I’ll tell you about our family. Our family is not that large. In fact, we’re pretty small compared to some. I have… Continue reading We Are Family

Death Wishes

Let’s talk about a terrible, awful topic: Let’s talk about dying. You might ask why I would choose such a topic? First, it was suggested to me. Secondly, the recent ill health of a family member, and the chances we take while banking on the hope that something might help have precipitated a lot of… Continue reading Death Wishes