Death Wishes

Let’s talk about a terrible, awful topic:

Let’s talk about dying.

You might ask why I would choose such a topic?

First, it was suggested to me. Secondly, the recent ill health of a family member, and the chances we take while banking on the hope that something might help have precipitated a lot of thought.

The first thing that comes to mind for a lot of people when one’s health is poor is their diet.

If you listen to some people they’ll become immortal if they eat the right foods.

Yes, I agree that eating the right foods in moderation is healthy.

No, I do not believe that any food, like cinnamon, honey, lemons, or coconut oil will cure or prevent your cancer or any other ailment.

How about we just practice simple moderation with portions? Make healthy choices,work hard, play hard. Don’t go overboard on any of those.

I’ll tell you about a couple of folks that I know:

Example #1:

My Grandmother.
I love her dearly. She is proof that eating healthy will not make you immortal. Although, when you’re almost eighty and your hair is only partly silver, that’s something. Let me tell you more about her: Grandma has always had at least 2 veggie options at dinner, has always been slender, has always watched her health, and always takes at least 3 different vitamin supplements with her meals. These days it’s probably more.

All that fussing about getting proper nutrition her whole life didn’t stop the atrial fibrillation and pacemaker procedure.

Example #2:

This old guy lived to be 96. That’s pretty good, especially considering that the life expectancy of a male born around 1900 was 46. He made it through 2 world wars. He made it through the influenza epidemic. He made it through his youth without modern medicine. He made it eating cake donuts with his coffee every morning. Every morning.

Why is it that we are obsessed with finding a remedy for mortality? Maybe we just want to find a less painful way to die, but someday, it’s going to happen.

This can be a pretty touchy subject, but what about treatment, when your health or the health of a loved one goes downhill?

I won’t pretend to know what is right for every situation.

At some point, you have to think, is this really going to save them?

I believe that we have an all powerful Life Giver, and when He decides we are done here, however it happens, He will take us.

Others have different beliefs, but the fact is we all die. We may go gracefully in our sleep, ugly, struggling for every breath in the ICU, or suddenly, with no warning.

However it happens, I have a couple of wishes for you:

I wish for you to inspire someone before you go.

I wish for you to leave this place a happier place.

I wish for you to go to a better place.

For heaven’s sake calm down about things that are out of your control, because except one’s own behavior, one has to acknowledge the futility of worrying about anything else.

And that, my friends, is how I feel about it.


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